Friday, March 24, 2017

Yoga Music 2017: Max Richter (A Perfect Savasana)

Image from Max Richter's website.
In yoga classes lately, I've been using electronic music and "new music" by British composer Max Richter. If you've been coming, here are the albums (and tracks) you've been hearing.

Max Richter's new "Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works" features moody orchestral works inspired by the writing of Virginia Woolf. The tracks I use most in class are "Mrs. Dalloway in the Garden," "Mrs. Dalloway: War Anthem," "Orlando: The Tyranny of Symmetry," and "Orlando: Transformation." But on my off time, I listen endlessly to "Mrs. Dalloway: Words," which features the only recording of Virginia Woolf's voice and the last song, which is devastating but exquisitely beautiful. I got it on I-tunes.

Another Richter album I use in class is Richter's deservedly well known Recomposed, a remix of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The track you've heard most is Summer II. And finally, Max Richter's Sleep. We've been using the first track for Savasana lately. The whole recording is eight hours. Richter worked with a neuroscientist to create this overall work and it mimics the mind flight if you actually sleep eight hours. "An experiment into how music and consciousness (And if you regularly sleep eight hours every night, you are probably not living in NYC with the rest of us.) There is also a shorter version, but I listen to the eight hour version all day long when I can. It's very sattvic, as we say

 Below is a trailer that he made when he released the album.

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