Saturday, March 25, 2017

Yoga Music 2017: Loscil-Electronic and Ambient Music

Endless Falls by Loscil
One of my favorite local yoga teachers, Lindsay Ashmun, got me into the by Loscil.
For a long time, I just used the title track. It begins with rainfall and builds to big sound, but I sometimes use the full recording, start to finish in class. It's meditative but not necessarily the kind of meditation that puts you to sleep. Just another frame of mind. Their latest recording, Monument Builders, is already on my wish list.

The other more "ambient" recording I use is Flying by Garth Stevenson, a double bassist.  I also use the title track and sometimes the entire album. Stevenson is big on the yoga circuit and is appearing in Wanderlust Festivals this summer.
Garth Stevenson's Flying can be found at this link.

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