Writing by Jennifer

Jennifer Sears writes fiction and nonfiction in addition to teaching dance and yoga in New York City.  Her writing has received recognition from the Money for Women Fund, Glimmer Train Magazine, Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts, George Mason University, Summer Literary Seminars, the Millay Colony for the Arts, and Columbia University(MFA 2005). Her writing appears in publications including Electric Literature, Guernica, Fiction International, So to Speak, Fence, Barrelhouse (Superheroes Issue), Ninth Letter, Ars Medica, Journal of the Center for Mennonite Writing, The Boston Globe, Arabic Literature (in English), and Gilded Serpent Journal of Middle Eastern Dance and Music, is anthologized in Lost and Found: Stories from New York, and was cited in Best American Nonrequired Reading 2007.  

She lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  
Email: jennifer (at) HolisticBellyDanceProject.com

A few publications available on-line include:

June 2015: "Canticle for Gigi Sauvageau." Guernica. "Boundaries of Taste" special issue.
Feb. 2015: "Prayer Song For Johnny Cash (Who Stepped in To Save My Poor Soul)" published in Cosmonauts Avenue (a great magazine!), originally published with great artwork by Max Winter (now gone along with the second half of the title)..
March 2014: "If Love is an Idea" (Fiction) Published in Sequestrum Magazine, a new magazine with beautiful artwork.
March 2013: "Heroes for Parties: 59 Bucks." (Fiction) Published in Barrelhouse Magazine's first online issue focusing on Superheroes.  Great introduction by Susan Muaddi Darraj.
December 2010: "How to Be a Staircase."   (Memoir) Featured story in online journal: Mr Beller's Neighborhood.   Memoir/essay about being a staircase in Butoh artist Maureen Fleming's show.

Spring 2006 “A Slight Change in Tuesdays." (Short story) Fence Vol. 9, No. 1 (Winter/Spring 2006).


Arabic Literature (in English):
M. Lynx Qualey's fabulous online magazine.
February 2012:"We Don't Live in a Post-Colonial World:On Music and Translation"
November 2010: Report on talk given by Syrian poet Adonis: "Always More Beauty to Be Seen."

Gilded Serpent: Journal of Middle Eastern Dance and Music.  Reviews/reportage of art exhibitions and dance performances include:
Oct. 2010: "Part 2, The New York Theatrical Belly Dance Conference."
Jan. 2010: The Muwashahat with Mohamed Shahin and Karim Nagi
Aug. 2008: : "Allure of the East: Orientalism in New York, 1850-1930" at the New York Historical Society

She is also, on this blog, compiling a list of writers who have portrayed belly dance and related expressions in the series: Writers on (Belly) Dance.