Saturday, January 23, 2010

Registration for NYU Classes

Yes, it's registration time again! New moves await inspired by classes with Mahmoud Reda, the Tannoura dancers, and dances performed impromptu by my Bedouin guides during a tea break while crossing the Great Sand Sea (see left and the separate blog post). Yes, this trip has been amazing..more of that later.

Thus far, I've received no information about on-line registration, so please sign up in person at Coles Gym. To make things even more confusing, I also received an unsigned email from the recreation department indicating that there will also be registration on Monday, January 25. The information I'm providing below is what appears in the official flyer. All belly dance classes are being offered, but we must have an adequate number of students enrolled for classes to run. The earlier you can sign up the better. I do hope to see you and dance with you soon!
Registration times: January
Tuesday, January 26: 8 am.-1 p.m. and 4-8 p.m.
Wednesday, January 27: noon-8 p.m.
Thursday, January 28: noon-8 p.m.
Class Times:

Beginning Levels:

CLS 230.1 Tues./Thurs.: 4:30-3:25 p.m.

CLS 230.2 Fridays: 3:30-4:25 p.m. (C/D quarter Class)

Intermediate Levels:

CLS 231.1 Tues./Thurs.: 3:30-4:25 p.m.

CLS 231.2 Fridays: 1:30-3:35 p.m.