Friday, June 29, 2012

June Elastics Workshops with Maureen Fleming

Dance studio taken from the porch during a rain shower.
So much time has passed since the last post on Orientalish and so much has happened.  It's summer vacation in some ways, and I've been dancing and doing yoga more than ever.  The first weekend in June, I went to Oneonta and studied with Maureen Fleming at the upstate New York site shares with husband and artistic partner Chris Odo.  They offer great workshops once a month during the summer and a 10 day intensive I can't recommend enough.

Each day includes 6-8 hours of dancing and stretching, all of the organic food you can eat, and a chance to get out of the city.  The first week of June, baby birds were hatching out of nests all over the place and the first night, after a rainy downpour, the road in front of their house/barn/compound was crowded with bright pink chameleons.   Maureen's stretching technique is truly unique.  She uses guided imagery to open all areas of the body, arms and legs, with a focus on the sacrum and the spiraling muscles of the inner thighs. All of this works opens my body so completely, I dance differently after just three days of working with her.  The imagery: smoke rings, highways, mother and child, heaven and earth are drawn from butoh technique but the elastics and presentation are entirely her own creation.  And every time I go, I meet new people who are interested in the interior nature of her movement style and are drawn to exploring and deepening the experience of dance.

Baby birds everywhere!
I'm also taking a workshop with her right now at LaMama in NYC!  More on that later.....

"Art of the Bedchamber" by Peculiar Works Project

I'm going tonight to a weekend event at La Mama that promises an interesting take on Orientalism.  The "Art of the Bedchamber" is part of the "Spring Pictures of the Floating World" presented by Peculiar Works and is billed as a "pleasure palace installation inspired by classic Asian erotica." of the participants in the workshop I'm taking with Maureen Fleming is in the cast.  Definitely intrigued..