Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Review: Reading Modern Arabic Literature

A review by the great translator Denys Johnson-Davies in Al-Ahram Weekly discusses more than the important publication of A Brief Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature. He addresses briefly that tricky subject of how names from other cultures ought to be translated into English and questions if such things matter....a short, interesting review and the text itself looks worthy.

Obama Raqs!: Remember to Vote

For those of you who couldn't attend, we raised $900 for the Obama campaign and here are some photos from the event posted on Flickr.com by Ken Stein www.kensteinphotography.com/ Also, Punk Dolphin took great photos as well that I can't drag to this site. This is the link to one. The dancers below are Nadia Moussa and Amantha. Go to Flickr.com for more including Alura with candles, Keesha, and Amy Staub. Thank you, photographers! Everyone vote!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OBAMA RAQS! Belly Dancers for Obama

Join some of New York's finest dancers in a benefit for Barack Obama. Because you know he needs the support a bunch of bellydancers!

Friday, October 24th: doors open at 7; dancing from 8 and 10 at Je'Bon Noodle House,15 St. Marks Place, East Village. 212-388-1313. Reservations suggested; tell them you are coming for the downstairs belly dance show. $10 cover goes to the campaign; there is also a table minimum. (Take the 6 to Astor Place or R/W to Eighth Street) The great lineup includes Nadia Moussa, Thalia (that's me), Ranya, Andrea Mistress of Bioluminosity, Alura, Amantha, Mark Balahadia, Leela, Melissa Voodoo, Tandava, Najla, Amy, Zahira, and Anarkali.

If you can't make the event but wish to donate, please visit the link:

Monday, October 6, 2008

"Belly Dance with Dina" and Prince of Shaabi

In NYU Level 2 classes , we are currently getting a work out with a fast veil piece to "Ya Bahiyya" on Cairo Caravan: Belly Dance with Dina from Hollywood Music. In NYU Level 1 Classes, we are working on Saad's "Bel Arabi" from his Prince of Shaabi album. The links from this post were simply the first I found; you may find the tracks elsewhere. Enjoy!

Resources for Zaar Dance and Ritual

Because we were discussing and breaking down zaar movements in class last week, I recommend this clip which has some good narration and description from the Maryland based serpentine.org. There is footage of a traditional zaar ritual, cabaret zaar movement, and a US styled ritual interpretation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KJFlDtT70c
Also, please look at the contextual information provided by Mazaher, a Zaar troupe in Egypt (pictured above) I was fortunate to see a few times in 2007 . http://www.egyptmusic.org/mazaher.html Finally, though the entry itself is a little flimsy, Wikipedia has good cross-listings for deeper research not available online. Look under "zaar" if this link doesn't take you there.