Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Randa Kamal: Egyptian Style Dance

I love this video for many reasons.  I've seen Randa every time I've been in Egypt and her graceful athleticism has always impressed me.  She has a style that's strong and as "no nonesense" as I've seen.  Additionally, in this video, you can really see her legs and the posture that is often called "Egyptian style" in the States.  By this, I mean the straighter, long-legged posture that gives the shimmies and hip-lifts the relaxed flavor of an afterthought that in my view is inherent to modern "Egyptian style" belly dance.

And....Randa always looks like she's having a great time time!  

Thursday, December 8, 2011

NYU Belly Dance Level 2 Routine

Here is our drum solo from the Belly Dance Classics with Fifi Abdou CD, "Tabla of Said."  Nice work everyone!  It was great semester, including the beginning of the NYU Belly Dance Club started by Aakriti and Misty.  Join us again everyone in January for classes and in February for a (possible) show.....

NYU Belly Dance Level 1 Routine

Here is the routine we finished in our Level 1 class in addition to a semester of quarter-rolling and stretching our hips on a weekly basis.  Nice work dancers!  Have a great winter break and join us again in January!