Thursday, July 31, 2008

Music Recommendations for Students

This is a short list. Explore on your own!

Cabaret/Raks Sharki Music
Hossam Ramzy: Greatest Hits Vol. 2, Source of Fire
Omar Faruk Tekbilek: Fire Dance, Mystical Garden
Egyptian Academy: Wash Ya Wash Series (I like Vol. 3-4)
Jahlila’s Raks Sharki Series
Current Pop Music:
Najwa Karam
Saad: We are using his track "Bel Arabi"
Nancy Ajram
All of these singers have numerous recordings.
Classical Music:
Ali Jihad Racy: Ancient Egypt
Um Kolthoum: I recommend the real recordings (no remixes)
Simon Shaheen: especially the Abdel Wahab CD
Arabic Folk Music:
Musicians of the Nile especially Charcoal Gypsies
Recordings by local artists (we love to support them!):
Avram Pengas and the Noga Group
Scott Wilson Turkish cabaret music
Raquey and the Cavemen Local/international drum goddess and crew
Djinn New on the scene!

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  1. Great blog, Jennifer. And well done on the writing residency. I hope it goes really well!


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