Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alwan Festival of Sacred Music Sept. 12-27

On Sept. 12, Master drummer Glen Velez and his frame drum ensemble will kick off the third annual Festival of Sacred Music at NYC's Alwan for the Arts. The aim of this festival is: "to explore not only otherdimensions of our human existence but also old and naturalconnections between faiths, cultures, music traditions, and even the sacred and the profane. It is important in our post-modern world togive space to contemplating our spiritual connection to ourselves,others and our environment through music and ritual without religious zeal." Scheduled guests are Moussa Dieng Kala, Gaurav Shah, and the extremely talented Tarab ensemble who I saw last spring. All events 9:30 p.m. http://alwanforthearts.org/ (Photo: Glen Velez)

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