Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NYU Dance Class Music (D Quarter)

D Quarter classes are coming to an end. Try to get music if you can to keep practicing. Level 1 classes have used two pieces, Habet by Hakim and Bahlam by Natacha Atlas. Level 2 classes have been working on a drum solo by Tony Chamoun on Aboudi Badawi's Youm El Farrah CD (pictured left). This CD isn't available on iTunes, but you can contact the fabulous dancer Katia of Boston who inspired the CD: We've also been working on Saaidi drills, using music from Youm El Farrah and Raqset Assaya on Hossam Ramzy's Best of Baladi and Saaidi CD . The cover is pictured below; check out to order more classic belly dance CDs directly from the artist.

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