Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pina Bausch Dreams of "the East"

Walid Aouni of Egypt's Modern Dance Theater Company at the Cairo Opera House offered a beautiful portrait of Pina Bausch whom he admired and knew. Bausch's company was scheduled to present work in Cairo this October and then she planned to tour the ancient cities on the Nile. In this tribute, Aouni writes:
"Our conversations about the eastern human being were deep. She dreamed of coming to Egypt. She asked, "What does the Great Pyramid look like?" I was surprised by the question, since she concentrates not on the look but on the meaning of something. Yet such was her approach. It was as if she asked, "What does love look like?" Matter to her is not matter, nor is feeling simply feeling. Both are the secrets of paradox and symbol."
Read Aouni's full article from Al-Ahram Weekly here (and please notice the spontaneous likeness between this photo from the paper and the bird goddess pictured in the previous post.)

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