Monday, November 30, 2009

NYU Class Music: B Quarter 2009

Updated dance class music for NYU classes in the B quarter, which is (sadly)coming to a close.:

Level Two dancers are using for warm up: "Samra" and "Itfarag al Halawa" on the Oriental Belly Dance CD by Noura and Bassem Yazbeck. For our drum solo, we are using "Sawraji Tabla" and "Layali Al Sharq" on the album Layali Al-Sharq by the Al Ahram Orchestra.

Level One dancers are finishing our routine to Nancy Ajram's "Baddala3 alek" from her album Ah W Noss. I still can't find the song on Itunes, but you might be able to find the track or the full album on other sites. Nancy Ajram's website is This is one of her earlier albums. Practice over Christmas break everyone!

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