Friday, October 21, 2011

Class Music: "Claude Chalhoub" by Claude Chalhoub

We used Claude Chalhoub's version of Erik Satie's classic "Gnossienne #1" this last week for a cool down in Level 2 and one of you students came up and immediately asked for album info., which always happens when I use this track a first time.  Classical music players and fans often know who Erik Satie is (French pianist and composer) but know less about Chalhoub, a younger violinst originally from Beirut and composer who only has one recording from what I can tell "Claude Chalhoub" but has worked and studied in London and worked with conductor Daniel Barenboim in his "West-Eastern Divani."  He also, according Wikipedia, plays Arab folk music.
Unfortunately, the only album I found on Amazon was $60.  Here is the YouTube version of "Gnossienne":