Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zaina's "Stories of a Traveling Belly Dancer"

My friend Zaina just published her e-book!  Zaina's traveled and danced all over the Middle East.  We hung out together in Cairo in the summer of 2007.  Today she's off to Morocco today for a new dance stint.  Hopefully, that means there will be a "Stories of a Traveling Belly Dancer "Volume 2.  I've read bits and pieces of this book as it was in the makings.....for a sneak preview, go to Gilded Serpent's excerpt: "Touching the Clouds: Impossible Bridge in Yemen" , gaze at her beautiful author photo, and then buy the whole book a Amazon for $2.99.  Yes, three bucks Buy it here:
Stories of a Traveling Belly Dancer.

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