Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Saidi Cocktail" on Leila's Helwa Album

Leila's "Helwa" CD.  See post for ordering info.
In searching for the musical source of our current choreography to "Saidi Cocktail," I've found the album Helwa, produced by Leila of Cairo.  Unfortunately, the track isn't on Itunes, so I can't promise it is the exact recording.  But....Leila has written several interesting articles on Gilded Serpent about dancing in Cairo that are very worth reading as one dancer's experience.  See "Facing Truth: Working as a Dancer in Egypt."  To order the CD, see her website or and find the listed vendors including: or Also....there is a fun video of a different live version on YouTube.  This video was filmed at the Semiramis Nightclub on the Nile in Cairo and includes a talented cane dancer at the beginning of the show:

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