Friday, October 12, 2012

NYU Fall Class Notes and Dance Videos (Practice!)

Photo of Samia Gamal from Wikipedia
I've mentioned several dancers in class that I've posted here, so here are quick links to see them!

Fifi Abdo, an Egyptian dancer, made this hip circle a standard in modern belly dance.  Though others certainly did it before Abdo, her characteristic mix of folkloric and cabaret styles made her version become an association with her name.  I highlighted this post in which she is wearing a white gallabiyya.  You'll find many more on YouTube.

Randa Kamal is a contemporary dancer who tours internationally and offers many workshops in Egypt.  She is energetic and athletic.  What I like about this particular video is the costume and the angle of the video, which for learning purposes,  highlights how she uses her legs in the Egyptian-style shimmy we've been working on in the beginning class.  She is also just fun to watch:

For "classic" Egyptian belly dance, here are two names you should know with links:
Tahia Carioca, also a film actress from the same era who Edward Said reminisces about watching during his youth in Cairo in this short memoir.  Here is more about Tahia Carioca on Wikipedia.

Practice!  Practice!  Have fun watching these videos.....

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