Friday, November 2, 2012

Maureen Fleming Intensive at La Mama: November 2012

Maureen Fleming (Photo: Jennifer Sears)
Maureen Fleming, an inspiring teacher and performer I have studied with for many years is teaching an intensive course and a one-day master class at La Mama in NYC on November 17.  Here is an Argentinean report on the event:
They used my photo (above) in the paper!  A hoot.

In the meantime, please consider DANCING THE INTERNAL BODY: A workshop

  • 10 a.m. at 47 Great Jones Street
    New York, NY

    The workshop description.  Also consult the website:

  • Dancing the Internal Body - For everyone.

    Access your creative inspiration and learn to move in new and transformative ways. Maureen Fleming, acclaimed New York City choreographer and performance artist, creates surreal movement poetry that gives birth to a new vision of the body.

    In this workshop, Maureen Fleming shares her distinctive approach, which originally arose from the avant-garde Japanese dance movement: butoh. Her unique approach adds catharsis and alchemy to the traditional dance techniques o
    f strength, flexibility, and balance. In a disciplined way, Maureen expertly guides you to your deepest creative core, helping you discover and reveal the transcendent that resides in physical form. You will learn:

    • FLEMING ELASTICS TM, original exercises that initiate movement and voice from the innermost layer of muscles, promoting efficient movement and increased flexibility
    • Transformative imagery to challenge the way you think and help you move past physical form
    • Massage that incorporates stretching and shiatsu techniques to increase joint flexibility and unlock energy blockages

    This deep, regenerative inner work allows for a more complete realization of your personal and creative vision and is geared for directors, actors, dancers, singers, yoga enthusiasts, therapists and anyone interested in discovering their movement potential through an efficient and integrated training that becomes a part of daily life.

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