Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Dance Classes End: Practice! Recommendations for Studying

Photo: Paul B. Good "Practice Wherever You Are"
I can't believe how quickly the semester went this year!  As promised on the last day of classes, here are suggested resources for studying on you own this summer.  Keep in mind that finding the local belly dance community, wherever you may be, can be a great way to meet others and to stay active and disciplined in your practice.

Technique videos I recommend:
My friend Ranya offers several DVDs focusing on Egyptian style technique with an emphasis on musical sensitivity.  I highly recommend the Baladi DVD though the also offers studies in Taqasim and Oriental.

Deliliah of Seattle (VisionaryDance.com) offers many videos, some of which I followed regularly in the 90s.  I have memories of many hours spent in my Florence Street apartment in Somerville, MA, watching and following her Workshop videos (coin tricks and belly rolls!) into the early hours of the morning.  Both her technique and performance videos are instructive and inspirational for all levels.

Finally, Dunya offers her brand of Sufi Dancemeditation videos, which were a fundamental part of my learning and integrating dance into my practice of life.

Local teachers in NYC abound!  If you're in the city, check out: Kaeshi Chai and Bellyqueen, Jehan Kamal, Neon, Nourhan Sharif, Dalia Carella, Anahid Sofian, all of whom have had a direct influence on my own dance.

In the meantime, you can trawl through the many offerings on Youtube or see my page of performances I've found throughout my years of running this blog.  I've found many clips by searching for Randa Kamal, Fifi Abdo, Rachel Brice, and any of the dancers I've posted previously on my resource page.  There is no shortage of available material!

I've had a great semester and hope you have too.

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