Monday, February 24, 2014

Shimmies: A Sourcebook (Part 3): Three Quarter Shimmy

In class, we did this as a version of the walking shimmy.  The important part of this movement, whether walking or doing the movement in place, is shifting the weight smoothly from one leg to the other.  Reach out with the hip (envision your hip flexors as hands reaching).  Keep "mula-bandha" lifted and the breath relaxed.

 Finally, as with all of the hip shimmies, the lengthening through the torso is generated by a continuous drawing up and down.    "Mula-bandha" lifts as the tail bone extends (rather than clenches) toward the ground.  The solar plexus lifts as the shoulder blades extend down.  The heels ground down (if the foot is flat) as the arches of the feet lift up.

The above video from Geobeats Women's Fitness series is clear and a good visual aid.  There are many videos available on the subject.

Next . . .the "walking shimmy."
See the series under the label: "Shimmies: A Sourcebook"

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